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Heirloom ET Luxury Firm


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The elite H2 Chiropractic Collection is a second-generation hybrid sleep system that combines all the features and benefits of the highest-grade conventional mattress and that of the state-of-the art specialty foam mattress into one.

Every H2 Chiropractic mattress is authentically handcrafted by certified & skilled craftsmen. By meticulous attention to detail and using the finest quality components, Springwall has created the ultimate luxurious sleep experience unlike any other.

Each mattress is individually signed by the craftsman that personally built and inspected your mattress to assure authenticity, workmanship and the time taken to create it.

  • Zoned Comfort Pockets®
  • Foam Encased
  • PolyFibre Pad
  • High Density Firm Comfort Bio Foam
  • High Density Medium Comfort Bio Foam
  • Springwall Micro Coils
  • SERENE™ Comfort Foam
  • Multi Needle Quilted to Super soft Bio Foam with GEL
  • Luxurious Surface Fabric with Copper Content and finished with phase-changing material technology
  • 4 Decorative Handles
  • Adjustable Bed Friendly

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