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Midtown Sleep Chest



The ultimate chameleon. Soft grey tones give this piece natural versatility, while the durable materials ensure it's a fixture in your home throughout the years!

The Sleep Chest™ is the ultimate sleeping solution for studio apartments, vacation condos, seniors who have down sized, or small rooms or home offices that can serve as a guest room. Valuable extra living space is gained when the Sleep Chest™ is closed.

Enjoy the functionality of a regular bed, a murphy bed, and a credenza in a single item! The Sleep Chest™ cabinet easily transforms into a comfortable bed and is an affordable alternative to a Murphy Bed.

- 5" High Density Mattress
- Sturdy Standing Design
- Roomy 10" Storage Drawer
- Quick easy final assembly (about 10 minutes)
- Supports 500 pounds
- Usable top surface of cabinet
- Conveniently mobile

Queen size

Closed: 64" x 22" x 42.5"
Open: 64" x 80" x 42.5"


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